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István On The Fringe (courtesy of Patrick Llewelyn-Davies)

István On The Fringe (courtesy of Patrick Llewelyn-Davies)

Hello everyone, and welcome to my website.

This is my very first blog post and I hope that what I may lack in experience, I can make up with my enthusiasm for my music. News regarding my upcoming gigs, recording sessions, photos, videos etc. will be posted as and when they happen and I will try and keep you informed on a regular basis.

Apart from (my) music, my other passion, as you may have already guessed, is my love for languages. That’s why I have my biographies in several of them – Spanish and Russian will follow in due course.

You may also  have noticed that on my website I use a font called Open Dyslexic. It is a new Open Source font, created to increase readability for users with dyslexia.There’s also the added bonus that it looks pretty cool.

I will write a newsletter every so often to give you an update about my musical ventures, so if you’d like to be kept informed, please subscribe to my blog.

By the way, you can buy my music in digital form from the usual retailers such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc but if you’d like a physical CD, then please just send me an email.

Feel free to send feedback/comments and don’t forget to like/befriend me on my Facebook page.

Let the journey begin!


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