Beatles Pilgrimage Tour in Liverpool
by on April 6, 2024 in 2024

Crawled out of bed in my hotel around 9am, having beed rudely awakened by a noise akin to a jet plane landing just outside my window around 5am. What the hell was that?After breakfast, I set out on my Beatles pilgrimage tour. First I visited Strawberry Fields, the place where John Lennon played as a kid.Now there is a Salvation Army building with a nice garden, a Beatles tour (indoors), a cafe and a souvenir shop. I had a coffee there and all of a sudden I felt quite overwhelmed by emotions. The Beatles were an integral part of my childhood and youth ( my very first 45 vinyl was “Love Me Do’) and here I was on John Lennon’s stomping ground. To snap me out of it, I bought some souvenirs (Cavern Club stickers!). From there I walked to John Lennon’s childhood home, a 40 min. walk. Next up was Paul McCartney’s childhood home, another 40 min.walk.Both houses are owned and managed by the National Trust, but alas both houses were closed. My final stop was St Peter’s church graveyard to see Eleanor Rigby’s headstone. That was another 40 min. walk by which time I was really flagging. I can heartily recommend this tour, especially Strawberry Fields which was an unforgettable experience. Thank you Liverpool!

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  1. Sebastian David Dew on

    Hi Istvan, I know this is the wrong address for your personal emails…but what the heck!
    John Lennon tour sounds epic
    I have played guitar with Henry McCulloch, Paul McCartney’s guitarist in Wings back in the distant past.
    I’ll call you soon.

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