Yuri Gagarin

© & ℗ István Etiam 2001


A farm boy in Klushino dreamed of flying high
Higher than the sky
The road to the stars was long
G-force training, every muscle straining
Medical checks, response, reaction
Ready for take off, ready for action!

Hey Yuri Gagarin wish I could shake your hand
And tell you how I feel
Hey Yuri Gagarin, you were great, great, great
Out of this world, you were the first man in space

Star City Nineteen Sixty One, he was the chosen one
Sent into orbit alone
Hundred and eight minutes, is all it took to finish
The first chapter of a brand new story
It was either crash and burn or back to earth on glory

Hey Yuri Gagarin…

He flew, he saw, he conquered, then landed in a field
When the story was revealed
The country was so proud of its son
Excitement and elation, swept across the nation
Workers, farmers, the child with a toy
Everyone united in joy

Hey Yuri Gagarin…


Return of the hero, everyone wanted to meet him
Touch him and greet him
Soon he felt the heavy burden of fame
Seven years later, his plane crashed and left a crater
Let’s remember the bright star he was
Next time we look to the stars up above

Hey Yuri Gagarin…

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