Lady On A Motorbike

© & ℗ István Etiam 2017


Lady on a motorbike
She’s got the gear and she’s ladylike
The open road is where she feels free
And she can be who she wants to be

Her motorcycle is genuine
Not a chopper but a wicked show
Her Midnite Rider burns up the road
Show’em sister go, go go, way to go!

Well she ain’t no biker chick
But I’ll tell ya she don’t miss a trick
No guy ever need to show her how
She’ll tell him off with a raised eyebrow

Her motorcycle is genuine
She’s a woman in total control
All you bearded dudes get out of her way
Don’t slow her down, she on a roll, see her roll!

Lady nurse rides in Africa
On a 97cc Yamaha
To immunise the people in need
She’s an angel with wings for speed

Her motorcycle is genuine
Helps her save lives every day
From one village to the other she rides her bike
She’s the queen with the lean machine, she’s the queen

Lady rider on a Silk Road trip
All by herself but she don’t lose her grip
Across the desert and thru the snow
Many said she shouldn’t go

Her motorcycle is genuine
An extension of her mind, you see
With the power in her engine and spark in her heart
Like the wind she’s fast and free, fast and free on a motorbike
Lady on a motorbike Lady on a motorbike…

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