Come And Smell The Hay

Hungarian Singer Songwriter Pop Blues© & ℗ István Etiam 2000

If urban life grinds you down
You’re walking ‘round with a constant frown
Don’t delay
Hear what I say
Take a trip to the countryside
See the rabbit run and hide
Live for today
Come and smell the hay

Mind your head mind your feet
Avoid the holes in your pockets
And the holes in your street
Nature gives you nurture this you will feel
Some people say it might improve your sex appeal

Life is short it’s becoming clear
There’s poison in the atmosphere
Avoid dismay
Stroke a horse today
Strike up friendship with a sow
Farmer will show you how to milk a cow
And he’ll say
Come and smell the hay

Mind your head…

Mind your head…

Rain will rain, sun will shine
Let the four winds blow your mind
What d’ya say?
Come out and play
Why don’t you walk a country mile or two
Come back hungry for a pumpkin stew
Come and smell the hay

Mind your head…


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