East Meets West at Glastonbury 1992

In that year David Buckley and I were regularly playing at Bunjies in London, a favourite hangout for folk/acoustic musicians

June 28, 2022
Song In Nature May 2022

Here’s my song for the merry month of May. “Ordinary Guy” is a song about a dude who is looking

May 26, 2022
István Etiam on Whitstable Bay Radio

Whitstable is a seaside town in north Kent, the home of Whitstable Bay Radio (WBR) and famous for its oysters.

May 8, 2022
A Song In Nature April 2022

Here’s my song “Different Kind Of Loving” performed in the woods among the glorious bluebells.Very breezy, the wind played havoc

April 29, 2022
A Song In Nature March 2022

“Something In The Air” – This is my tribute to Andy “Thunderclap” Newman who died on this day, 6 years

March 30, 2022
International Women’s Day

Here’s my small contribution for this year’s International Women’s Day. It’s going out to all women but especially the brave women

March 14, 2022
A Song In Nature February 2022

Lord almighty, the chill factor has numbed my fingers. Dodging hailstorms , I managed to shoot this video for A

March 14, 2022
A Song In Nature January 2022

One of my projects for 2022 is to record a song every month in an outdoor setting. January’s song is

February 1, 2022
Song Of Questions

SONG OF QUESTIONS was recorded in the late 1990s on my analogue 4 Track Tascam cassette recorder, complete with hiss

January 30, 2022
One Note Song

It was in Vienna, in 1993, that I recorded my song ‘One Note Song’ at the recording studio of Fred

October 5, 2021
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