East Meets West at Glastonbury 1992
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In that year David Buckley and I were regularly playing at Bunjies in London, a favourite hangout for folk/acoustic musicians at the time (the other one was The Troubadour in Earl’s Court). I think it was Dan Driscoll, who gave us a 1989 ticket, wrote our name on it and said that we can perform on a stage in the Rainbow Circle – he obviously had connections. And so it came to pass that David, his mum Barbara who happened to be here on a visit from the US, and I piled into my trusted LADA and drove down to the festival. Barbara was elevated to our roadie and we got in no questions asked. We played on a small stage to maybe 30-40 blissed out people.  Though we had a 3-day ticket we could have stayed, but had to drive back to London due to work commitments. Somewhere I have a photo of us on a stage and I’m sure one day I’ll come across it. Far more interesting are the 2 photos of us in the car park. After our performance, I couldn’t find my car and when I did, it wouldn’t start so I had to call out the AA. But that was really before mobile phones, how the hell did I manage that? It’s all lost in the mist of time, but it was a wonderful experience.

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