Song in Nature June 2022
by on June 29, 2022 in 2022

SUMMERWINDS I had already been a seasoned hitch-hiker when I visited the UK in 1981. I decided that the best way to get to know it and the people, would be to hitch-hike all over the country. Here a short account of what happened in those weeks. Stuck my thumb out in London on the M1 and within minutes a guy stopped in a 2CV (yes!). Lo and behold, he went to the Edinburgh festival. That was very tempting but I got out somewhere half way, just to see which way the wind blows. Got picked up by two lads in a white van who were going over to Dublin and said I should go with them. I thought about it. Meanwhile they taught me some useful swearwords. Again, I declined. After a few days I ended up in Blackpool. It was cold and rainy and as I was looking for somewhere to bed down for the night, I got talking to a young couple. They said they were on LSD but invited me to sleep at their house. Woke up to a beautiful blue sky and had breakfast with them. The girl said her older sister was Brian Jones’ girl friend – one of many, I guess. Then on to Wales, where I got a lift from a vicar in a Morris Minor. He was a lovely guy, we talked about religion and philosophy and all the while I had this feeling that I am in a film, what with the setting sun ahead of us and going up and down hills in his small car. I had many more encounters, met some lovely and strange people and all this inspired me to write my song “Summerwinds”. Who knows, I might hitch-hike again!


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