Gulf War Trafalgar Square Vigil 15 January 1991
by on January 31, 2021 in 2021

Strange, but there seems to be no mention in the media of what happened 30 years ago – the start of the Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm. On 15 January 1991, I was with David Buckley (from our East Meets West days) in Trafalgar Square, each of us armed with a guitar. All night we sang to the crowds “Give Peace A Chance” and other anti-war songs.  I have a short clip of us singing with the crowd. I’m in the top right hand corner with a white collar right at the start of the video, just for a few seconds. It was a great night, we did our level best but the war happened anyway – with tragic consequences. I think my voice gave out for two days but it was worth it!


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