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The ‘Love’ EP, released on Christmas Eve, is the last recording in my trilogy of ‘Faith – Hope – Love’. I am proud that I have managed to realise this long held ambition/project, which took me five years to accomplish. This has been a very difficult year for all of us, and my songs seem to have an added poignancy. Take ‘Yuri Gagarin’ for example, from my first EP ‘Faith’. The first man in space had to have faith in spades to trust the people who catapulted him into space. The title track ‘Hope’ from the eponymous EP ‘Hope’ speaks for itself – now we need hope more than ever. From the EP ‘Love’ I would choose “Come And Smell The Hay” because during the Covid lockdowns many of us, possibly for the first time, discovered our love for nature. I wish you, wherever you are, a healthy and happy 2021!




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