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Here’s a brief report of my gigs in Austria. I played in Linz at the Cultur Café Smaragd on 21 September. I was looking forward to the gig. However, the Europa League football match LASK (Linz) vs Liverpool was on at the same evening and I was asked to play in the basement for my own health and safety, you understand. Hordes of supporters were expected to descend on the venue. Turned out, that I played in front of 2 people, my friend and his son! Circa 20 people were sitting outside, enjoying a smoke of grass – or two or three. They wouldn’t come down. I guess they were just comfortably numb. I enjoyed playing there nevertheless and had a good laugh. It was all very funny. Thank you Robert and Felix for supporting me. The Salzburg gig at the Shakespeare on 30 September was fantastic. A big Thank You to everyone who turned up-around 50 people. I hope that you all enjoyed the gig as much as I did. The vibe was great and the sound was very decent thanks to Nick and Horst the two sound engineers. I hope to play again in Salzburg next year; it’s such a beautiful place. I don’t have any videos of the gigs but will post some at a later date of my album launch in Dover, which was on 17 September.

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